Forensic workstation

Forensic workstation

Connecting of our detectors and our reference databases you can create quality and helpful workplace for authentication and detection of banknotes, passports, ID cards or security documents.

Forensic workstation consists of a detector C12 UVC, into this detector is connected a micromause C609 and an external LCD monitor via HDMI, on the second monitor, is running a special knowledge database The Catalogue of Currencies or The Catalogue of Documents.

For checking and inspection in real time, you can run simultaneously live view of inspected security feature and the security feature from the reference database.

Live view - a detector is connected to PC via mini USB port and captured picture can be displayed by the web camera software.

For an example of displaying security features please click to images below

5 EUR banknote
is inspected by detector C12 (complete view)- under UVC light symbol € appears.
1000 RUR banknote
is inspected by detector C12 (detail view) - under UVA light Moiré variable colour (MVC+) appears.
10 EUR banknote
is inspected by micromouse C608 - intaglio printing under white sidelight.
Swedish ID card
is inspected by detector C12 (complete view)- under UVA light.
Latvian passport
is inspected by micromouse C608 - microlettering under white light.

Detector C12 has functionality for image capture and saving to the internal memory. It is also possible to save images from micro mouse connected with C12. These images can be viewed directly on the device or they can be moved into the PC via USB cable for further processing.